ROCMND Area Youth Services

This is who we are.

ROCMND RPC works closely with coalitions and community partners to assist them in reducing substance abuse and misuse. We follow a model called the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF). This model guides communities to assess their community, build capacity around the issues, develop a plan, implement that plan, and then evaluate to determine if it is working. The SPF also takes in consideration cultural diversity as well as encourages sustainability. ROCMND RPC provides education and awareness to the community as well as provide resources when requested. We help communities gather data and information to determine the issues they are dealing with and aid them in finding out why they are having these issues. We help find them strategies that will work with that problem or issue and will guide them through the process.


Through the SPF process we have identified 2 counties in our region in need of more intense prevention services. These counties are Delaware and Ottawa Counties. The issue that is plaguing these counties is Adult Binge Drinking. Adult Binge Drinking is defined by 4-5 drinks in one setting. The reason this was identified was due to the number of crash fatalities that were alcohol-related. The percentages in these 2 communities were high, even higher than the state.