Binge Drinking

Let’s introduce a new thought of responsible drinking. Why care if someone is having a night out? What if they had a terrible week and just need to relax with a couple of glasses of wine or a few beers. Life’s daily stresses affect each of us. So why not relax by having a few drinks. Drinking alcohol can and should be done responsibly but have you thought about how much you drink in a short period of time. Drinking in excess at any one given occasion is considered binge drinking.

The definition of binge drinking is seen as the following for men consuming five or more drinks and women consuming four drinks in approximately 2 hours are binge drinking.

So what if someone drinks a four or more. The problem lies with the fact that it takes approximately 40 minutes for the body to process one drink. An individual may seem fine drinking those four or more drinks at the birthday party, until it is time to leave and the alcohol has been processed by the body. Signs of intoxication are seen at this point. This is when drinking can be a public health issue.

Why is this important to you? What if that individual thought they were okay to drive whether it be on the water or the road and they happen to cross paths with your husband, wife, mother, father, son or daughter that was traveling home from work or school.

The family member who is making the last minute trip to the grocery store to get one ingredient missing from grandma’s favorite pie recipe. Innocent enough, so is that person drinking 5 beers with the buddies from work and going home within an hour of drinking. Even the monthly night Bunko game with that the host serves you 4 glasses of that wonderful Cupcake Moscato wine. This is the world of binge drinking. Binge drinking is a preventable and serious problem to the public.

It is time to rethink how we drink. Drink responsible is more than just get behind the wheel.


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