First Drink

Too young to remember but continue to hear the stories. Teething babies can wear out any parent, a really good teething baby can wear out the entire family. This is exactly what took place in the family.

The treasured older generation of caregivers finally met their match. Having exhausted a long generations of proven methods to bring relief to a crying infant. Nothing seemed to work from the traditional baby remedies; oral gel, frozen teething beads to frozen pacifiers. This is when grandpa had decided to take matters into his own hands. Grandpa enlisted his friend Jim Beam to help tame those nasty gums.

Again too young to remember that first introduction to Grandpa’s lifelong friend. But over the years Jim became a well acquainted friend. Grandpa visited with Jim often as much as can be remembered. Lap time with Grandpa usually consisted of a gum rubbing of the adult beverage even thou full set of teeth were present.

Family gathering left the young ones to clean up. Most kids kept close to Grandma’s kitchen and patiently watched for the famous chocolate frosting bowl and beaters to be up for grabs. Then there were teenagers who wanted to be the one to get Grandpa’s glass to take to be washed. The trip from the front porch to the kitchen was done slowly and carefully planned. First, tip the cup to get out the last liquid drop, second was to do the finger sweep to get anything left, third was to get into the kitchen before anyone caught you.

Years passed and of course Grandpa’s bottle on occasion had a little less that he actually consumed. He never said a word. Think he enjoyed passing down his friendship with Jim to his grandkids.

Grandpa is long gone. The legacy is still alive from that first drink.


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