Our people make the difference.

Our people make the difference. We are a company that supports strong families and creates an environment where professionals can pursue excellence in their practice.  

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What our employees have to say.

I feel that our flexibility is key at ROCMND.  ROCMND has always stated that family comes first and I can personally attest to this.  When my parents or children have had health issues, ROCMND has always allowed me to be flexible with my hours to be there for my family.  I have been with ROCMND since 1995 and I feel that the flexibility and my co-workers are what keep me here. – Stacy Potter

I am fairly new to ROCMND, and I have been very impressed so far with the helpfulness of all of my co-workers and supervisors. Everyone here has been quick to respond to my questions in a positive, encouraging way. I also appreciate the client-centered atmosphere, and how the children and families we work with are the main focus. I am excited to see what the future holds for us! – Michelle Johnson

To be able to help others while working in an environment with co-workers who feel like family and truly want the best for you is why I am grateful to say I am a part of ROCMND.