RBSS Training Classes

Practicing Safe Alcohol Sales and Service

Responsible Beverage Service and Sales (RBSS) was developed by a group of concerned agencies across the state of Oklahoma including the following agencies: Regional Prevention Policy Coordinators, Oklahoma Prevention Policy Alliance, the Oklahoma Alcohol Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission, and the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse. Responsible Beverage Service and Sales (RBSS) training provides clerks, servers and managers with the knowledge and skills to sell and serve beverages safely, responsibly, and legally. The training is to ensure that expectations, liabilities and legal responsibilities are conveyed to all liquor license holders as well as other employees of an establishment whether their job description may not involve direct sales of alcohol.

During the training participants learn what the definition of a standard alcoholic drink contains, how to properly ID, learn new techniques to refuse service in a positive manner. Participants also learn the importance of overserving. Also the importance of policies and procedures such as why businesses should keep an occurrence log.

Several Northeastern counties businesses have requested and received RBSS training for their employees. In fiscal year 2017 over 1500 hundred employees received their certification card. So far in fiscal year 2018 over 900 have attended and completed the RBSS training. RBSS trainings are available monthly county wide or private business training with a minimum of 5 attendance required within seven counties such as Craig, Delaware, Mayes, Nowata, Ottawa, Rogers, and Washington. Contact Heather Ramseyer for information to schedule a training is 918-256-7518.


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