Our Initiatives

Delaware County Adult Binge Drinking

Due to the data collected, adult binge drinking was identified as a problem in our area and highest in Delaware County. From 2010-2014, 44% of fatal crashes were alcohol related. There were 298 alcohol-related car crashes in Delaware County between 2010-2015. These are preventable. We are working with law enforcement to decrease these numbers by providing training as well as equipment to better identify those that are driving while under the influence of alcohol. We are also working with retailers, providing them with training to identify the symptoms in someone that could be intoxicated. We are providing awareness and education to the community on the alcohol laws. There are new laws that go into effect that the community needs to be made aware of.

Ottawa County Adult Binge Drinking

Adult Binge was also high in Ottawa County. There were 42 alcohol-related crashes in 2015.   From 2010-2104, 39% of all motor vehicle fatalities were alcohol-related. As with Delaware County, we are working with law enforcement agencies to lower these numbers. We are bringing in training from agencies such as the Alcohol Beverage Law Enforcement Commission and the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office to help local law enforcement to understand the laws and how to better enforce them. We are also providing Responsibility Beverage Service and Sales Training to retailers in Ottawa County to train them on the signs of intoxication as well as the alcohol laws. We will provide education and awareness to the community as well so they understand the public health impact adult binge drinking can have on their communities.