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Responsible Beverage Service and Sales Training

We offer on-location training to groups of 10+ people.

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  • Training is required by law for all alcohol licensees and managers
  • $150 fine if a liquor licensee does not have proof of training
  • $2,500 business fine if an employee doesn't have a liquor license
  • Unlike other companies, our training is completely FREE so spots are limited
  • In-person and virtual trainings for the entire state of Oklahoma

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Training is FREE, ABLE Approved and provided state wide.

What is RBSS Training?

Alcohol server training known as Responsible Beverage Sales and Service Training (RBSS) is a  training program that provides owners, managers, and servers of establishments that serve/sell alcohol with the knowledge and skills to help them serve/sell alcohol responsibly and fulfill the legal requirements of alcohol service.

Training is FREE, ABLE Approved and provided state wide.

Who is Required to Have a Liquor License and Training?

  • Bartenders
  • Alcohol servers
  • Convenience store clerks that ring up alcohol sales
  • Retail Liquor Store clerks
  • Grocery store clerks that ring up alcohol sales
  • Managers/Supervisors

Managers, please email for more information.

What was most helpful to our trainees

“Learning how to maintain the safety of our facility and customers by following policies and procedure guidelines at all times.”

          “Having someone explain everything.”

            “How to identify possible intoxication before it becomes a problem.”

            “Learning what all it takes to serve the alcohol and just knowing what is right or wrong and to keep form a lawsuit.”

“Explaining the ID's because there are a lot more fake ID's being used by minors.”

            “I know that the random scenarios were very helpful, well-spoken trainer (knows the information and material very well), the example picture ids”

Responsible Beverage Sales training


Training is required for any new ABLE employee license after 10/01/2018. However, it is very beneficial for anyone who works in the alcohol business. The training covers responsibilities and liabilities whether you sell or serve alcohol and can help protect not only the employee, but the business and the community.

- Vanessa Blain, Senior Agent

Oklahoma ABLE Commission

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